The UAE Wants You to Stop Dancing to Drake

“Kiki do you love me?” could officially land you in jail

If you’ve spent any time online this last week (and you probably did, because who doesn’t?), you’ve definitely come across the ‘In My Feelings’ dance challenge prompted by Drake’s latest album release.


If you’re anything like me, you’re probably already sick of seeing people jump out of their cars to do the choreographed dance. And from the looks of it, the Emirati government is sick of it too.


So much so, that the gulf nation has put an official ban on the challenge, citing the Federal Penal Code against reckless driving—which makes a lot of sense, jumping out of moving vehicles is pretty dangerous, and dying that way would be a pretty senseless way to go anyway.

After the challenge became popularized in the UAE, officials announced early this week that the dance is punishable by imprisonment, a fine—and maybe even both. So far, the dance challenge has landed three people in Abu Dhabi courts—all of whom are now facing jail time, a fine of 2000 Dh, and 23 black points on their driving records.

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