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Mille Reviews: Lash Lift

Tired of sad, limp looking lashes? Look no further

Lash Lift

Eyelashes. The extremely subtle but highly influential facial hair that often goes massively misunderstood. Having worshipped at the feet of my Shu Uemura eyelash curlers for as long as I can remember, it goes without saying that I wasn’t fortunate enough to be blessed with luscious long, perfectly curled eyelashes. 

I do recall a time when I had near-perfect lashes, but years of tinting, curling and layering three different types of mascara on-top of each other (each with differing results) left me with so-so lashes. 

Then I heard about the Lash Lift. A supposed non-harmful treatment that promises to lift your natural lashes to make them appear fuller, longer and more luscious within an hour. Sounds great right? So I booked an appointment with Browhaus, the new experts in brow and lash techniques. 

The process in its entirety takes around an hour and a half (if you opt to get your lashes tinted first). I opted for my usual blue-black tint, and put on a podcast. I highly recommend prepping by having something loaded up on your phone beforehand, an hour and a half doesn’t sound long, but when you’re lying down with your eyes closed, effectively not able to do just about anything, it goes painfully slow. 

Next, any residue of makeup is removed from around the eyes and then under-eye pads are placed to keep your lower lashes out of the way. A slinky silicone rod is then placed along the top lash line, with each lash carefully lifted and  “glued” to the silicon pad.

A lifting lotion is painted on the lashes to help ease them up and effectively elongate them. Then a perming lotion is applied to the lashes (although the process has changed since the 80s, the smell unfortunately has remained the same). 

Once the lotion is set, everything is carefully removed from the lashes, with any product or residue dutifully removed. And then voila – you have your results.

It’s safe to say the lash lift is officially my new favourite lash treatment. You literally wake up with perfect eyelashes You find yourself looking in the mirror wondering how you survived without it.

Pay lots of attention to the aftercare they give you though – it’s important. Do not get yours eyes wet for 24 hours after the treatment, carefully comb through your lashes later on that evening, and again the next day, in order to keep them tidy and maintain the shape.

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