Cardi B at the MET Gala

You Can Attend the Met Gala from Your Own Home This Year

Log on to Twitter for the biggest party of the year

Cardi B at the MET Gala

Who hasn’t dreamt of hitting the Met Gala’s red carpet wearing a jaw-dropping gown? Well, with the official Met Gala postponed due to Coronavirus, High Fashion Twitter decided otherwise. And it turns out you’re all invited.

Unfamiliar with High Fashion Twitter? It’s an online subculture that brings together Gen Z’ers and millennials who are obsessed with fashion. Using satirical handles like @jacquemusult and @balenciogre, they use Twitter as a platform to dissect and critique bad taste and argue about the legacy of Margiela or Largerfeld. But unlike what we’re used to seeing on Instagram, High Fashion Twitter isn’t trying to sell fashion. The community is all about exposing the truth—without filter.

“The HFTwit Met staff would like to announce that the High Fashion Twitter Met Gala will still be happening on the first Monday in May! Given the anxiety and stress that the COVID-19 outbreak is causing, we believe that continuing to move ahead with the HFTwit Met Gala is the right choice. Hopefully, this event will serve as a little spot of joy and unity for this amazing community”, the High Fashion Twitter Met Gala declared in a post.

No need to get a $30,000 ticket to attend, the party is free and open for all. And as there will be no live commentary on the Met’s looks this year, attendees are invited to participate in different categories, either sharing pictures of themselves in their outfits, showcasing their styling skills or taking part in “brand” and “illustration” challenges. 

You’ve got until May 4 to get ready!

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