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Moroccan Multi-Hyphenate Nora Achmaoui Is on a Mission To Change the Lives of a Million Girls

All you need to know about one of tomorrow’s leaders

Here at MILLE, we’ve got a thing for Arabs that do cool stuff, especially when it comes to women hailing from our region, who challenge their own society’s normative tenets on a daily basis. Today, we will be taking a deep dive into the career and ambitions of another trailblazing mind. Enter Nora Achmaoui, the Dubai-based multi-hyphenate  on a stellar mission to empower those around her. 

We sat down with the business coach, author, crypto guru, and digital influencer, to discover how her foray into the industry initially came to be, gleaning tips on how to become just as successful as she has grown into becoming over the past few years.

At the age of 27, there’s not much that the German-born Moroccan hasn’t been able to touch base or get involved with. So far, she can be credited with the founding of several business and platforms, all embracing the “SHE-EO” mentality somehow in some way, garnering 171,000 followers on just Instagram alone.

Spirited and relentless, we caught up with the young, self-proclaimed workaholic to learn more about how she keeps moving forward, how she stays determined, and how to use social media in the right way. 

 How did you get into entrepreneurship? 

It runs in the family. We love taking risks so I guess I was born with it. When I was 21, I opened my first company. I was selling Islamic posters, and it was the first print-on-demand system in Germany. I went on to write two Ramadan cookbooks after that and then SHE-O Consultancy eventually came about. This is the one I’d say I’m the most passionate about. It’s the one where I have the most fun.  I’m constantly surrounded by girls, help them achieve their aims and goals and affect their lives, and the one of their families, in such a way that I don’t ever see myself give this project up. 

Since, I’ve undertaken many other ventures like the GirlsGrowClub, a women-led platform that aims at empowering other women, Féju, a cozy clothing label, and Cryptosheroes, a site that helps women get involved in Web3-related discipline including NFTs. I get so much fun form working, I actually love what I do. All of this makes me happy on a daily basis.

Does influencing play into entrepreneurship? 

Before launching any of my businesses, I started wondering why people would put their hands into their pockets if they don’t have any connection to me. Persuading people that don’t know me was going to be so difficult, so I began this journey into becoming an influencer in order to build a community and for it to be a self-sufficient microcosm.

I see social media as a tool, I had a plan behind and so far so good. But I don’t only see influencing through the lens of business. I feel like I do indeed have a special bond with the people that follow me, regardless of how cheesy that may sound. I always have them in my mind before doing anything. How can I spread good vibes? How can I inspire ? All of these questions are what I center my content around. 

What does being a role model mean to you?

It’s like being an older sister. As an older sister, you have to make sure that everyone is good, and keep appearances up because your siblings are looking up to you no matter how good or bad you may feel. At the end of the day, I feel blessed to be given this voice and still see it as a privilege although it’s not easy every day. That’s why I try to keep a positive mindset at all times. 

Is there a trick to staying positive?

Like everyone, I do have less good moments in life and in those times, I just don’t post. And I’m honest about it with my community. I’d say that first of all, transparency is key. The way I see light at the end of the tunnel, and it probably comes from my religious side, is that I always try and think of the positive side. There’s a blessing in everything, no matter how long it can take. I just convince myself that there’s going to be some level of good in everything that happens. It’s just a matter of believing in it.

What’s your ultimate goal?

I have this objective of one day being able to change the lives of a million girls around the world as well as a center where the we would do what we do online physically. It would be a place with a co-working space, gather like-minded people for them to build ties and work together. I want to have my foot step into every door from fashion to beauty, lifestyle, and everything in between. All of this can feel quite daunting at times, but if you’re aims aren’t a tiny bit scary, they can’t be exciting so I just have to try my best in the meantime.



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