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No, Achraf Hakimi Didn’t Put His Fortune Under His Mom’s Name

Fake news!

The name Achraf Hakimi hardly needs an introduction. The 23-year-old Moroccan footballer, who plays for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), when not on international duty, was one of the main actors of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar by leading his team to a level of the competition no other African or Arab team have ever managed to reach. Last month, the defender found himself embroiled in a disturbing and widely circulated rumor which alleged that his ex-wife, Spanish-Tunisian actress and model Hiba Abouk, filed for divorce and was seeking more than half of the Moroccan footballer’s wealth and property as settlement for their marital dispute. However, according to several online reports, Hakimi had allegedly taken measures to protect himself by transferring all of his assets under his mother’s name many years prior, subsequently portraying Abouk as a “gold digger” and himself as the ultimate genius. 

After the reports initially surfaced, thousands took to social media to quickly hail Hakimi as an icon, months after they had done for his athletic performances on the pitch— only this time for all the wrong reasons. What’s more, online personalities known for their misogynistic takes and opinions, including former kickboxer Andrew Tate and UFC champion Israel Adesanya, were also among those praising the Madrid-born athlete, applauding the alleged move, despite it never being confirmed by any reliable source. 

But as it turns out, the news of Hakimi’s mother, Saida Mouh, owning all of his assets is far from representing any kind of reality as Mouh recently reacted to rumors,  saying she was not aware of any such arrangement. 

“If he has taken any action to protect himself, I’m unaware of it. What’s the problem if the news is true? If my son does not do this, he will not be able to get rid of that woman [Hiba Abouk],” Mouh told Morocco World News.

Furthermore, from a legal perspective, the narrative does not stand as in whichever country the young defender must pay tax— whether it’s France, Spain, or Morocco— hiding your assets from your partner constitutes a violation of the law and is considered fraud. 

The news, which initially emanated from an article published by Ivorian platform First Mag, was never confirmed by any parties nor was it based on any solid evidence. Unfortunately, the headline alone seemed to be galvanizing enough to entice more esteemed and respected publications into the wave of rumors which included the likes of Spanish daily sports newspaper Marca.

Although the information has yet to be legitimized, the articles suggesting that Hakimi hid his marital assets from his spouse are still accessible online — including on the publication that first instigated it. 

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