Oakley Are Bringing Back Brad Pitt’s ‘Fight Club’ Sunglasses

Pitt’s style still packs a punch all these years later

The first rule of Fight Club? You don’t talk about Fight Club— but that won’t stop us from talking about the stand-out style. Brad Pitt’s character, Tyler Durden, is arguably one of the coolest fictional characters to grace our screens in the last two decades, inspiring a number of men with his sleazy-chic aesthetic that has been embraced by the likes of Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, and more. And now, you can get the leader of the underground fight club’s signature style, as 25 years after making their debut on markets, Pitt’s signature sunglasses in the film, namely Oakley’s MUZM Mars X-Metal Leather, are making an exciting comeback on shelves as a limited-edition release. Priced at $2,300 in flagship stores, online, and select partner retailers, the iconic pair of aviators are being reissued, bringing back a strong sense of nostalgia along the way. 


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Designed with the help of basketball legend Michael Jordan in 1998, the head-turning specs are widely regarded as an era-defining item as a result of their eccentric composition. From their atypical shape and distinctive aesthetic to the unconventional materials used, the retro piece of eyewear sees its resurrection build on the structure that initially made them popular while introducing some subtle refinements. 

Prospective buyers will see the original X-metal frame make its return, and so will the brown leather accents that are sewn into them, only this time stronger, which will be complemented by tawny Prizm 24K lenses. It’s also worth noting that a substantial amount of craftsmanship, skill, and effort was put into the production process of the MUZM Mars. In fact, it is said that it took a six-ton generator, powered by 425,000 watts to reach this level of precision. 

“Bonding science and art around one concept was how we first landed on Mars. As the ‘90s ramped up, the piece defined a moment in culture, appearing on the silver screen to basketball players,” said Brian Takumi, Oakley VP, Brand Soul and Creative. “Its futuristic design was ahead of its time, defying the era it’s brought into. With the imminent arrival of our 50th anniversary in 2025, bringing it back from our archives and our DNA, MARS is just one of the portals set to expanding the Oakleyverse,” he added. 

On sale since Nov. 14, without any notice of whether they will be commercialized again in the future, now might be the time to secure both a piece of fashion and cultural history before it’s too late. 

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