Omar Sharif in knitwear by an ancient egypt sculpture

Omar Sharif’s Best Looks, Ranked

Never forget the OG Arab style icon

Omar Sharif in knitwear by an ancient egypt sculpture

Rami Malek might be the new face of Saint Laurent, but there’s a different Arab style icon that came before him: Omar Sharif. The actor led the way, and no conversation about fashionable men shall be had without his mention. 

Most recognised for his role in ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, or as the one and only Doctor Zhivago which is fair—he was nominated for an Oscar for his role in Lawrence of Arabia, and won a Golden Globe for Best Actor for Doctor Zhivago—making Sharif a global name overnight as he scooped up an Oscar and Golden Globe for both movies.  

Omar Sharif’s movies are recognised in the region and beyond, but there’s one area where he lacks recognition: his sartorial choices. Before Steve Jobs made the Issey Miyake black turtleneck iconic, it was Sharif who confidently (and regularly) donned black roll neck jumpers and made them his signature. 

But unlike Jobs, Sharif’s wardrobe was anything but static. The actor wasn’t afraid of stepping outside of the box, and that alone is worth celebrating. To commemorate his iconic wardrobe, here are five of Omar Sharif’s best outfits

Chic cowboy Omar Sharif in a chic cowbot look

The Arab Dapper DanOmar Sharif at the Golden Globes

The iconic black turtleneckOmar Sharif in a black turtleneck

Miami Vice before Miami Vice

Knitwear FTWOmar Sharif in knitwear by an ancient egypt sculpture

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