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Palestinian Brand MQAAAR Shares A Message Of Unity In Latest Collection


In such polarizing times, a call for unity is imperative in order to maintain the wellbeing of the communities we foster. This idea of togetherness is the main inspiration behind Palestinian streetwear brand MQAAAR’s latest collection. Titled, “A Call For Unity,” the heartfelt collection urges consumers to express their truth, uplift one another,  while reminding us that the only way we can move forward is together.  

Founded by Mahmoud Hassouneh earlier this year with a debut collection titled “Faith,” the Palestine-based brand is on a mission to create a sense of community through every graphic t-shirt, ultra-cozy windbreaker, utilitarian cargos, and logo-infused hoodie they produce. The concept came to the young designer as a result of his upbringing and regular visits to his native country. His time spent in Ramallah showed him just how central family and community is in Palestinian society. And the more he traveled, the more he saw that this is a sentiment shared by Arabs all over. Essentially, MQAAAR aims to continually emulate the spirit of the stories and societal traditions of the Palestinian and Arab world.  

The spirit of the brand is further captured in its name, which is an acronym of six words that translate to “A strong community where everyone is celebrated, protected, and at peace” in Arabic ( مجتمع، قوي، في انتماء، احتواء، امان، وراحة.) 

Coinciding with the launch of the label’s newest collection, which is available for purchase online, the brand released a video that gathered testimonies from the older generations highlighting how they cease to see and feel a sense of togetherness in this current day and age. We asked Hassouneh if he shared the same sentiments along with some questions surrounding the collection, to which he responded:  “There has undoubtedly been a shift in our behavior in comparison to the past.


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“Lending a helping hand and feeling a strong sense of togetherness were instinctive in our lives. However, today, we find ourselves drifting towards individualism, and skepticism taints our interactions. This is a result of the fast-paced orientation of the new world and the large focus we have placed on the pursuit of personal success,” he said.

“However, amidst these changes, we still have engraved in our minds the traditions passed on to us from the previous generation. In Palestine and beyond, we’ve witnessed powerful movements of solidarity and unity in the past few years, and the driving vehicle behind those movements were the youth. People do still take initiative, but are a little hesitant and the energy is not constant.

“Unity in our generation, though elusive, is not entirely lost. With our latest release, ‘A Call For Unity,’ we encourage everyone to rise above the heaviness and skepticism, to take initiative, and prove that unity still thrives in our generation.” 

Courtesy of MQAAAR

Below, we caught up with the designer to discover more about the collection, plans for the brand, and why unity is so important to MQAAAR. 

What can you tell us about MQAAAR and your new collection?

At MQAAAR, we invite you into a safe haven that celebrates self-expression and embraces diversity. Just like our collection, “A Call For Unity,” our brand is all about fostering a united front that embraces the power of togetherness. We believe that through unity, we can create stronger and more accepting communities that stand resilient in the face of change.

It’s a reality we’re crafting, one step at a time. From Palestine and beyond, we extend our hand, inviting you to join us. Let’s walk together on this path towards a brighter and more united future.

As you purchase and wear our pieces, we hope that you’re always reminded of the messages and stories that come with it.

Courtesy of MQAAAR

Why is unity important to you and most importantly to MQAAAR?

One of the very first lessons we learned in school was the importance of unity. I think almost everyone reading this would recognize the story: “Three Sons and a Bundle of Sticks.”

By experience, as a group, we know how much of an asset is being united. The circle that surrounds us is very uplifting and encouraging, and it makes things easier during tough times and much more enjoyable during happy times.

It’s not only our similarities that unite us but our ability to embrace the differences and learn from it to grow together and stronger.

Courtesy of MQAAAR

Any future plans for MQAAAR? 

While carrying forward with our clothing releases and hosting the events and spaces that come with it, we’re looking into different channels and venues where we can send our messages, and have them reach a wider and global audience.

Head to the MQAAAR website to shop the collection.


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