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Laith Is the Saudi Brand Combining Fashion and Well-Being

Get to know the minimalist brand

Brought to life by Saudi designer Jalila Nayil, Laith is the label hailing from the Kingdom bringing minimalistic designs to the fashion sphere— decluttering both your closet and mind, the chic design house fuses well-being with carefully-curated collections that go well beyond a simple item of clothing. “I aspire to be an advocate for mutual support, fostering confidence in others and improving their self-perception,” Nayil told MILLE. “Design has been an intrinsic part of my life since childhood, a form of self-expression that I couldn’t articulate until later. As a visual person, I struggle to explain myself through words, yet when it comes to art and design, I can vividly visualize my narrative and convey my truth. It’s this unique ability that fuels my passion for creative expression and drives me to explore the boundless world of design,” says the designer on how creating garments acts as a form of therapy and communication to her.

Laith’s minimalist lens fuses itself into seamlessly made silky crepe kaftans, clean-cut monochrome kimonos, wide-leg trousers, sleek tie-tops, and a variety of options that are bound to simplify your morning routine as you pick your outfit of the day, balancing your life one step at a time. Explaining what it means to adhere to a minimalist lens, Nayil explains: “My profound connection with minimalism and its inherent balance extends beyond aesthetics; it’s a philosophy that I embrace in my work and daily life. When I discovered that fashion could be a medium for expressing both creativity and well-being, Laith came to life. It’s a testament to my pursuit of simplicity, authenticity, harmony, and overall well-being. Through Laith, I aim to convey not only my story but also my passion for timeless style and a balanced, fulfilled life.” 

Drawing inspiration from classic designers and fashion icons such as Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn, Nayil believes their transformative influence added immense value to fashion, reshaping how we perceive the industry today. “To me, fashion is a remarkable transformation of ideas into tangible forms, a fusion of creativity and fabric that brings thoughts to life. In this creative journey, I unearthed a profound connection between the act of creating and the art of coping. It dawned on me that mindfulness could serve as a powerful tool for nurturing self-compassion, both in curating our collection and in our everyday activities,” she said. 

She adds, “In my perspective, slow fashion represents a beautiful manifestation of self-compassion. It stands as a deliberate and conscious choice, a departure from the rapid trends and mass production that often dominate the industry. Slow fashion urges us to embrace quality, sustainability, and the narratives woven into our garments. By embracing this approach, we not only contribute to a more sustainable world but also foster self-compassion through the mindful choices we make.

Bringing forth an element of luxury to everyday garments, it is clear that Nayil looks to the sophistication of a Parisian-chic wardrobe matched with the almost-perfect minimalism of Japanese aesthetics, matched with the rich tapestry of Saudi heritage. “This synthesis allows me to craft a style that’s not just a reflection of my diverse experiences but a celebration of the beauty found in cultural diversity.” says the designer. 

When asked what the future has in store for Laith, Nayil tells MILLE, “The world of fashion and social media offers a multitude of surprises and endless opportunities for collaboration across various fields. Our vision extends beyond just clothing; we aspire to style celebrities and forge partnerships with prominent brands to craft innovative, dynamic, and intuitive fashion lines. The prospect of working with these creative forces and learning from each experience ignites our passion. We are eager to embark on this exciting journey.” 

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