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This Is What Went Down at the First-Ever Riyadh Fashion Week

The event took place from Oct. 20 to 23.

The inaugural Riyadh Fashion Week (RFW) made a spectacular debut in the Saudi capital last Friday. Organized by the Saudi Fashion Commission, the four-day-long event took place from Oct. 20 to Oct. 23, with 30 homegrown brands showcasing their latest spring 2024 collections at the King Abdullah Financial District. Dedicated to shedding a spotlight on the extraordinary talent of Saudi designers, the event marked the beginning of a new era for the Kingdom. From hooded thobes to space-inspired collections, read on for some our favorite moments from the first-ever Riyadh Fashion Week. 

Ashi Studio

Saudi couturier Mohammed Ashi opened the inaugural Fashion Week, which marked the first time he showcases one of his collections in his home country. The celebrity-loved brand’s new offering, titled “8pm,” drew inspiration from the enchanting desert nights, capturing the ethereal allure of starlit skies and moon-kissed sand dunes.

Atelier Hekayat 

Gracing the runway on the second day of RFW, Jeddah-based Atelier Hekayat presented a personal collection dedicated to the designer’s father and their childhood memories titled “I am coming home.” Dreamed up by the talented sister duo Alia and Abeer Oraif, this nostalgic collection brought cherished childhood memories to life. Soft pastels, airy yet exaggerated chiffon silhouettes, ruffled caps, tutus, and voluminous skirts painted a romantic picture. The second part of the collection took a bolder turn with striking black and red pieces.

Kaf by Kaf  

Kaf by Kaf drew inspiration from the oldest farmers market in Riyadh, serving as an homage to Saudi culture. The collection was a vibrant tapestry of avant-garde abayas crafted from sustainable and recycled materials, mesh dresses, lively-yellow crochet masks, artfully designed raffia silhouettes, and a color palette that paid tribute to the diverse fruits found at a farmers market, beautifully reflecting the Kingdom’s rich heritage.

Yousef Akbar 

Yousef Akbar unleashed a line of eclectic eveningwear titled “SHIFT//REBIRTH” to celebrate the incredible strength of the women in his life. The collection was a playful experiment with color, featuring monochromatic hues accentuated by peek-a-boo neon moments. Sparkly gowns, shiny metallic fabrics, and clever color-blocking defined his divinely feminine collection.

Honayda Serafi 

On the third day of RFW, Honayda took the audience on a journey through outer space with an awe-inspiring collection. Referencing the vast world of the cosmos and female astronauts, the offering saw asymmetrical silhouettes, unconventional takes on accessorizing, and a feast of textures. US-Somali model Halima Aden opened the show in an electric blue ball gown adorned with an embellished headband that set the tone for the fusion of futurism and femininity that followed. 


The forward-thinking menswear brand brought to life by Loay Naseem and his wife Mona Al-Haddad bestowed upon us renditions of the traditional Gulf thobe. Guided by the artistic vision of Jeddah-based designer Christophe Beaufays, formerly of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Parisian atelier, the collection breathed new life into the traditional garment. Hooded thobes in lightweight materials, helmets adorned with the iconic ghutra pattern, and reimagined kanduras with exaggerated turtlenecks exemplified this exciting blend of tradition and contemporary style.



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