Palestinian Singer Elyanna Joins Spotify’s Radar Program

Guess who’s about to break the internet again

Now in its fourth edition, Spotify’s scheme to promote regional talent is coming back and it’s about to feature Palestinian-Chilean superstar in the making Elyanna

The program seeks to shed light on the industry’s up-and-coming artists and help them reach wider audiences through specifically developed tools and dedicated marketing techniques. This also includes being added to a tailored “RADAR MENA” playlist specifically curated by the streaming service for the occasion.

This time, they called on the 19-year-old singer to take part in the newest iteration of the initiative. Joining forces with the much experienced Tunisian rapper Balti, a track, which includes both of their vocals, is set to be released this January 21. Floating between Elyanna’s usual pop-induced sounds and Balti’s urban lyrics, ‘Ghareeb Alay’, which literally translates to “A Stranger To Me”, will uncover the trials and tribulations of love through the change it infuses us all with. 

The Tunisian MC shared his excitement online claiming that the song is one of his “all-time favourites” and Elyanna and he both tried to “bring forward a new style of Arabic urban pop backed by Spotify’s vision for local talents.” – and from the teasers that have been released so far, it’s safe to say that it’s mission accomplished.

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