Swizz Beatz Is Opening a Roller Skating Rink in AlUla

The experience is part of the AlUla Wellness Festival

Rapidly owning up to its promising title of upcoming cultural capital of the region, the north-western city of AlUla, mere months after becoming Athr Gallery’s newest nest, will soon play host to the first ever immersive roller rink experience organized in Saudi Arabia. Opening on Oct. 6, and running for two weeks until Oct. 22, AlUla Moments, in association with Good Intentions, a creative agency spearheaded by American rapper and producer Swizz Beatz and his business partner Noor Taher, joined forces to organize and present the next must-visit event to take place in the ever-evolving Gulf State. 

Located in an all-boys school, within the Al Jadidah area, the city’s art-dedicated district, “AlUla on Wheels” will invite visitors to weave through a neon-infused venue, under the open sky, to pick up one of the feel-good activities that epitomized the 70s. 

Inviting beginners and professionals alike to take or give roller-blading lessons, with sessions lasting up to anywhere from 45-minutes to an hour, the UNESCO-listed city will also enjoy the presence of several international and recognized artists that will shell day-to-night DJ sets for guests to enjoy while zooming around the one-of-a-kind site. The venue is also expected to have its own food court, offering retro-like menus to provide guests with an all-encompassing blast-from-the-past experience. 

Fusing music, color, and must-see sights, the event, part of the AlUla Wellness Festival, seeks to bring positive change to the Kingdom by placing the onus on mental health, by promoting physical and psychological well-being through feel-good and back-to-nature moments for friends and families to enjoy. For this year’s iteration of the festival, the notion of silence has been put at the center of its stage, probing the many benefits the absence of speech and sound may have. 

Tickets will set you back $10 for the daily classes, while weekend passes, which will ensure entry for the slew of concerts taking place during the 15-day gathering, will start at $66.

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