The Arab Fashion Council Launches New Institute For Aspiring Designers

To all the aspiring fashionistas, this ones for you

The Arab Fashion Council (AFC) has just announced the Institute of Innovative Fashion (IIF), a prestigious institution focusing on fashion excellence and creativity. Serving as a creative hub for budding local talent, the IIF aims to provide aspiring fashion professionals with comprehensive knowledge and practical training through specialized programs and courses led by industry experts to equip aspiring designers with the skills and knowledge they need to build their personal brand, generate groundbreaking ideas in the realm of fashion, develop a clear vision for their career, and harness the power of networking. 

The IIF offers a flagship program known as the INNOVATIVE FASHION & LEADERSHIP CERTIFICATE that aims to equip students, professionals, and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills they need for success in the fashion industry. It provides an in-depth look at the industry’s ins and outs, including how to make an easy transition from academia to the professional world, how to develop savvy skill sets, how to network, how to plan and set career goals, and how to think sustainable for fashion’s future. 

The Arab Fashion Council’s commitment to innovation and cultivating a new generation of fashion trailblazers is demonstrated by the launch of the IIF, which combines state-of-the-art facilities with an emphasis on innovation to prepare students for significant careers in the fashion industry in the region and beyond. 

If you’re an aspiring or budding fashion designer looking to successfully enter the fashion industry, you can enroll to the IIF by filling out an application online


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