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The First GTA VI Trailer Is Here— Everything You Need To Know

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American gaming developers Rockstar have just revealed details about Grand Theft Auto’s (GTA) next opus. The video game saga, which initially hit shelves in 1997, has grown into a highly acclaimed classic that has broken several records since its first commercialization. Although criticized, and even banned in some places for its ultra-violent nature, the role-playing-game, which allows users to live the life of an outlaw as they climb the ladder of organized crime, has been a global hit over the past two decades by boasting numbers that competitors can only dream of reaching. Having sold over 400 million copies through seven standalone titles and four expansion packs, the famed franchise is set to make a very exciting comeback following the drop of GTA VI’s trailer this week. 

Teasing what will become the series’ first entry in over a decade, the game’s first formal introduction provided fans with all the exciting key pieces of information they had long been waiting for. Leaked by a now-suspended account on Twitter, and subsequently posted on Rockstar’s social media profiles a day before the official announcement was scheduled, the preview peeled back the curtains on one of the industry’s most anticipated revivals, promising a stunning comeback featuring state-of-the-art visuals, graphics, and maps. 


According to the 90-second-long clip, which quickly broke the record for most views gathered on a non-music YouTube video in 24 hours, GTA V’s sequel will be made available in 2025 although no further information was provided as to which month it will drop. Set, once again, in the State of Leonida— a fictionalized version of Florida— the game’s plot seems to center around a female protagonist named Lucia who will commit several crimes with her partner following her release from jail. This will be the first time in the franchise’s history that players will experience the narrative through the eyes of a woman. 

The trailer also features plenty of references directly lifted from real-life events in Florida, including shots of alligators sniffing around buildings in Florida, a woman twerking on top of a moving car, and a clear nod to the tattooed model whose mugshot went viral on the internet in 2017 after his arrest.

“Grand Theft Auto VI continues our efforts to push the limits of what’s possible in highly immersive, story-driven open-world experiences,” said co-founder of Rockstar Games, Sam Houser, in the accompanying press release. “We’re thrilled to be able to share this new vision with players everywhere,” he continued. 

With no mention of a PC version of the game, as of right now, GTA VI will only be available on Xbox Series X and S and PlayStation 5 for now. But considering that the game isn’t dropping for another two years that gives us plenty of time to save up for a new console— or ask Santa for the PS5.

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