Five2 jewellery

The Mystical Jewellery Label for the Astrology-Obsessed Generation

Co-star but make it fashion

Five2 jewellery

Inspired by the mysteries of the cosmos, Dubai-based brand Five2 is taking the accessory game to new heights, (literally). Looking for something playful with soul? Look no further. 

“The Cosmic Way (our debut collection) is inspired by the notion of wearing astronomical observations made tangible, gathered from the swooping vastness of our universe that glitters above our heads at night”, say 27-year-old Ayesha Bin Kalli and 30-year-old Shahrzad Fereiduni, the founders of the brand.

Respectively Emirati and Iranian-Bahraini, the two women are lifelong friends, joined by their love for jewellery that was sparked early on through the pieces their mothers and grandmothers wore. “It is our understanding of timelessness that cultivated our vision,” they continue, discussing how Five2 is infused by the spirit of their own friendship.

From shiny rainbow-coloured shooting stars to gleaming half-moons, Bin Kalli and Fereiduni know that ‘pretty’ just doesn’t cut it. What makes their pieces so appealing is the story embedded in their brand’s DNA.

Fereiduni has always been attracted to the moon and confesses it has been the stepping-stone to her connection with “God’s beauty”, as she puts it. “Using such elements of the solar system in the collection brings out an array of colours ranging from the deepest shades of midnight in the black hole to heaven’s sweetest shade of white”, they say.

The designs are inarguably personal to the founders, but their poetic power makes them resonate with us all. And as millennials increasingly feel in need to look at what’s in the sky to find meaning in life, Five2’s celestial shapes might be the good luck charms we’ve all been looking for.

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