5 Wildest Euphoria Conspiracies

The show has got us thinking

Since January, Sundays have officially become Euphoria day. Every week, excitement builds up until the clocks hit the right time. Of course, Twitter is then immediately, flooded with everyone’s take and opinion on the showcased episode. 

If you read through the river of tweets like us, you’ll know that some of the plot details that you may have missed are always brought up and decorticated by fans. Even the most subtle. Some turn into theories with time, and they’ve at least piqued our interest. 

Here’s five wildest conspiracies about HBO’s record-breaking Euphoria. If you’ve yet to watch the show, we’re warning you, there will be spoilers. 

Samantha is hitting on Maddie

Euphoria Theories

Samantha is the character that employs Maddie to babysit her child. Maddie looks up to her. She also wishes she could live Samantha’s lavish lifestyle. From the looks to the intimacy and connection both seem to have, this led many to think that something might be going on between the two. This theory started the moment Samantha asked Maddie to unzip her dress. It is a strange request to make to a high-schooler. Especially given the age gap between the two women as well as the nature of their relationship. 

 Ashtray is Nate’s little brother 

Euphoria Theories

In the episode Cal throws a tantrum, opens up about his sexuality and decides to give up on his family, the camera focuses on a picture of all the Jacob’s. Instead of being four of them, there’s five: Cal, Marsha, Aaron, Nate and a little boy who appears as well. No information about this kid has been heard of. Die hard fans of the show in search of answers began speculating. One of the main theories is that he could turn out to be Ashtray. As much as we’d like to believe in it, considering the boy’s age, Cal or Nate would’ve recognised him by Fez’s side at some point surely. 

Rue might still get trafficked


One of the frustrating moments of season two is that we don’t explicitly know how Rue got out of Laurie’s debt. All we know is that she wakes up in a bed and escapes the guarded room she was put in after she was administered morphine. According to some online, many thought that in order to reimburse Laurie, Rue would’ve had to sell her body to make up for the lost money. This is a theory that feels very credible as Laurie did warn Rue that she would be willing to do anything if Rue ever misses out on payment.

Rue is dead

Euphoria Theories

Given how hopeless Rue seems in the series, many believe that she is narrating her life from beyond the grave. Constantly using the past tense to describe her story, people believe that she could be opening up to every single event that led up to her going to rehab in episode one of season one. Watch the show with that thought in mind and you’ll see that it definitely could and would make sense.

Euphoria is the title of the book Lexi writes about her high school experience

This theory is one that is a little far-fetched but one that we’d like to believe in. Her play “our life” was basically portraying her life on stage, why wouldn’t Euphoria, the series, be any different? Only this time, instead of narrating her life, she picked Rue, her oldest and arguably closest friend to do it. Also it’s a way of paying homage to her if we believe in theory number four.

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