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5 Game Changing Kuwaiti Creatives to Follow

Take a peak inside the tiny Gulf nation’s burgeoning scene

Spending five hours a day scrolling through your phone might sound excessive, but in Kuwait that’s the norm. 72 per cent of the population spends more than five hours a day scrolling through Instagram (here’s a survey that proves it).

From makeup artists and stylists to mommy bloggers, the nation’s growing number of influencers probably has something to do with it.

But recent years have seen a new breed of forward-thinking creatives come out of the woodworks, giving us a real look into what Kuwait has to offer. And there is no better way to get an insider-look than with a scroll through their feeds. These are the Kuwaiti creatives to follow.



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Whether you’re looking for fashion or makeup inspo, Taiba’s feed is where you’ll find it. But between outfit posts and makeup looks, you’ll also get an intellectual fix. Taiba recently launched her very own zine, 3asal, where she regularly features other forward-thinking Arab women.


If you’re wondering what Kuwait has to offer in terms of fashion, there’s only one place to look: Claudette the Brand. Despite having launched in 2018, Claudette has already got the Hadids, Jaden Smith and Luka Sabbat’s co-signs.


By global standards, kickstq is the ultimate sneakerhead. If you’re looking to keep up with Kuwait’s streetwear scene or learn a thing or two about the art of resale, this is the account to follow.


Few Kuwaiti influencers have managed to stay on top of their game like Ascia. Having been around for almost 10 years, she’s the OG Kuwaiti influencer, and she’s showing no sign of slowing down.


As a photographer, videographer and graphic designer, Najd Altaher is the ultimate creative spirit, and her feed is prime evidence of it.

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