RS: Kuwait’s First Streetwear Brand

I felt there was a demand for some pieces that were not available in the market; also the passion for fashion that I carry had to be shared,” says 22 year-old designer Mohammad Al Rashed, the founder of RS – the first streetwear brand of its kind in Kuwait, who produces and manufactures his collections in Kuwait, his homeland.



Launched in 2015—and entirely produced and manufactured in Kuwait—RS has flourished in the region with a total of over 10 capsule collections having been released since. Each collection has been inspired by Al Rashed’s “surroundings” and have been available in very limited editions or in exclusivity with particular stores, such as So Sneaky in Kuwait or Saudi Swag in Jeddah, where capsule.01 and capsule.02 were launched.



‘24 Hours’, the brand’s latest collection, which was dropped in January, introduces the brand’s development, as it transitions into more formalised contemporary fashion.



“I believe that people are being acknowledged more often nowadays. The culture is evolving also because people are curious and they want to know more about its codes and aesthetics.” Al Rashed says. And the unforeseen growth in the streetwear market has particularly flourished in the region over the last few years, where a new breed of streetwear brands are transforming the way people observe, understand and consume fashion, which in turn, is allowing labels like RS to expand exponentially .

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