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Rami Malek in Buster's Mal Heart

7 Indie Films You Need to Watch

The critically-acclaimed features you’ll want to binge on

Rami Malek in Buster's Mal Heart

With the amount of news floating around on the internet during the pandemic, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

For the sake of your mental health, it’s important to log off every once in a while—even if it’s difficult. If you find yourself struggling to tune it all out, films are a great way divert your attention. 

You’ve probably already watched everything Netflix has to offer, so we rounded up some of our favourite indie films for you to dive into. 

The Last Black Man in San Francisco

As one of the best indie films of 2019, The Last Black Man in San Francisco is a must-watch. The drama centres around a man who returns to his now-gentrified neighbourhood to reclaim his childhood home. 


Looking for a psychological thriller to watch? Swallow is it. The Carlo Mirabella-Davis directed feature unravels as Hunter, a newly pregnant housewife, builds a bizarre obsession of consuming dangerous objects. 

Buster’s Mal Heart

Ramy Malek may be widely known as an Oscar-winning actor, but it didn’t come without a stint in indie films. The actor starred in 2017’s Buster’s Mal Heart, which, despite earning less than $100,000 in the box office, quickly became a cult favourite. Malek plays an eccentric man who runs from the authorities into the wild. 


If you loved Rebecca Hall in Vicky Christina Barcelona, you’ll appreciate her range as an actress in Christine. Hall plays an intelligent reporter at a Florida news station who finds herself at odds with her boss that pushes for juicy stories to drive up ratings. It’s a tale a spiralling career and personal life. 


In Whiplash, Andrew Neiman is determined to become one of the world’s best jazz players, but his mentor takes unconventional measures to do so, driving him into madness in the process. A must-watch. 


Few Belgian films have reached international heights, but Ardennes had its heyday upon its release in 2015. The film sees a man return from prison after taking the fall for a crime, and he tries to get back into his old ways after catching up with his brother. 

Honey Boy

Shia LeBeouf might be best known for his fits lately, but his films have low-key built a cult following. Honey Boy is his latest piece of work. The film sees LaBeouf play an alcoholic father who takes guardianship of his 12-year-old son only after the child became successful as a television host. The story is based on LaBeouf’s personal life.

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