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The UAE Wellness Retreat That’ll Re-Centre You After Summer

Work off a summer of over-indulgence at this luxury hideout

If there’s anything the UAE is best known for, it’s the nation’s knack for glitz and excess. But one of its seven emirates is shaking things up. Ras al Khaimah—which is located at the UAE’s northernmost point, and borders the more low-key nation of Oman—has been building up quite the reputation as Dubai’s more down-to-earth neighbour. 

With a host of wellness activities springing up in the tiny emirate, it’s undoubtedly become the go-to destination for those looking for a little weekend wind down.

With summer sadly coming to an end, a relaxing weekend is a must, and there’s no better way to re-centre your soul than a wellness-focused getaway. And Alma Retreat is the perfect spot.

Nestled in the middle of the desolate desert dunes, the retreat is a getaway in every sense of the word. With a 15-tent set-up, the retreat puts simplicity over everything—and the focus is entirely on the clientele’s wellbeing.

Tents are luxury version’s of the camping kind and are extremely easy on the eyes (think white and blue huts contrasted against the terracotta desert sand). But best of all, they feature roofless, open-air bathrooms for moonlit showers under star-covered skies.

Alongside its idyllic design, the retreat features a host of qualities designed to ease everyday stress. For one, there is no WiFi, so you’ll finally be able to go on your well-overdue digital detox.

So rather than wasting a whole weekend aimlessly scrolling through your feed and stressing out about the perfect IG post – at Alma you’re invited to participate in group yoga sessions from sunrise to sunset. And if you’re more of a high-energy kind of workout kind of person—Alma’s got something to offer you as well. From bootcamp-style workouts to boxing, you’ll find their in-house trainers ready to guide you.

If none of these health-focused activities interest you, be sure to opt in for one Alma’s hour-long painting sessions. If you didn’t already know, art therapy is proven to be a key meditative practice for relaxation, so regardless of your skill level, you’ll be able to put your anxieties aside and pour them out on your canvas.

In between sessions, you’ll enjoy their all-vegan menu and wide assortment of wellness shots, leaving you both super-relaxed and ultra-healthy. If you’re not vegan, don’t worry—they also offer a selection of dishes for meat and dairy eaters.

The retreat’s maximum capacity is 30 people, so the experience is bound to be intimate and free of tourists, making it the perfect getaway from start to finish.

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