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The Best Low-Key Vacation Spots in the Arab World

Swap tourist-traps for super-chill hidden beaches

Thanks to LonelyPlanet and TripAdvisor, it’s pretty much impossible to plan a vacation anywhere in the world without falling prey to a tourist trap, However, the Arab world is full of secret coves, hidden beaches and desolate deserts just ripe for exploring.


MILLE rounds up the most underrated vacation spots that are a world away from deafening day parties, lousy hotels and overcrowded beaches.


Imsouane, Morocco



Not only will you get to enjoy the incredible view of the mountains, but you’ll also get to discover a beautiful fishing village and its super narrow, technicolour streets.

The town is full of modest hotels, but we particularly like BoardXHouse. The view there is to die for, plus they’ve got excellent surf coaches.


Oran, Algeria



Located in the Northwest of Algeria, Oran is one of the least talked-about cities in North Africa and it’s a real shame. The town is packed full of beautiful cathedrals and mosques with strong Ottoman and Spanish influence throughout. Although the city is gorgeous, we recommend booking your stay for three or four days as it’s pretty easy to check out the entire town in a matter of days.


Jeita Grotto, Lebanon



Jeita Grotto is probably the prettiest gem Lebanon has been hiding from us. The limestone-crystallized caves are a massive and impressive natural wonderland for adventure seekers. There are plenty of day-trips to go to the caves but we definitely recommend staying for at least two or three days to wander the nearby towns of Byblos and Harissa.


Marsa Alam, Egypt



Forget everything you know about the South of France and its day parties. This region will soothe you with its breathtaking natural pool beaches which have been formed by meteorites. Book your hotel in the city, rent a car, pack your tuba and get lost in Marsa Alam. Don’t miss the Valley of the Camels and the Astronomy Centre in the middle of the desert for a night of stargazing


Ghar Al Milh, Tunisia



This little town in the north of Tunisia is also known as Porto Farina. Don’t pay attention to the poor infrastructure; the beautiful calm beaches will definitely take away the discomfort. Two or three restaurants organise daily trips to deserted beaches with hammocks set up in the shallow sea and a sea food feast. Be sure to book in advance as locals take over the place during high season.

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