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Rainbow Eye Dots

Simple and Fun Makeup Looks to Try While Self-Isolating

This is your time to perfect 2020’s biggest trends

Rainbow Eye Dots

Quarantined at home and run out of Netflix shows? Same. But there are so many things you can do instead of being glued to your laptop screen. Aside from binging on every single Amazon Prime or Disney+ show, why not try and use this time to perfect your makeup skills? 

These are the best makeup looks to try while stuck at home in self-isolation. Perfect them now, and then flex on your friend once the quarantine is over.

The Butterfly Eyes

The Double Winged Liner

The Three-Tone Cat Eye

The Asymmetrical Smoky Eyes

The Metallic Regard

The High-Octane Cat Eye

The Curvy Outlines

The Eye Dots

The Arrow Liner

The Pearl Studded Eyelid

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