BOSS Breathes New Life in the Dubai Desert

Taking their rebrand to the Middle East

Change can be difficult to embrace, but that’s exactly what Hugo Boss is doing. After the brand’s recent makeover earlier this year, the label took it to the United Arab Emirates to tangibly diffuse their rebrand in the Dubai desert sands. 

Rewind to a few weeks ago, the German label decided to release two new campaigns to its global audience marking an unprecedented shift to the company’s communication and overall artistic direction. 

With some viewing this rebranding effort as an intelligible split, the brand’s signature spell-out name will now focus on two affiliated, yet distinct, group of enthusiasts of the brand. Hugo will now cater for Gen-Zs while Boss for Millennials. And it’s the latter that flew out to the Arab peninsula to organize a dazzling event for its star-studded list of international guests. It took place this past February 10, and by the looks of it, the night was one that many will surely remember.

Hosted at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, BOSS revealed an exclusive short film to its fine audience of influencers, athletes and artists from all sides of the creative spectrum. Serving as launch to the brand’s first see now, buy now collection since the recent revamp, this campaign is the first brick to the label’s new building as it’s stamping a singular presence in the ever-changing world of fashion.

With special guests arriving at dusk to experience the energetic presentation of the new collection, social media personalities of all kinds gathered to celebrate this unique line of clothing. Bashar Belal, Younes Zarou or even Karen Wazen were amongst some of the few names out of the nearly 100 creators and influencers that joined the iconic BOSS festivities.

The event, complete with an energetic DJ in a unique setting, featured unforgettable fire show performances, and nearby, guests enjoyed stunning views of hot air balloons emblazoned with the bold BOSS logo.

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