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Your Favourite Program Just Came Out: Don’t Be That Guy About It Though

You really don’t

 If there’s anything we can say about 2022, it’s that we’ve been well-served TV-series wise. Since January, we’ve seen a slew of internationally acclaimed programs go past our screens. From Euphoria all the way up you Stranger Things, week in and out, releases have become incessantly more frequent making people develop all sorts of ways and kinds of behaviour. And we’re here to talk about them exactly. 

If you’re still confused about who exactly we’re on about, allow us to explain. That guy is the unreasonable person in your group of friends, or that you come across online. It’s the one that can’t stop himself from talking, or should we say obsessing, over absolutely anything and everything. Needless to say that being around them can get frustrating, let alone having to deal with unsolicited monologues on their futile theories, stale fan fiction and other time wasting paroles.

So here are five things to keep in mind to avoid being that guy:   

Don’t binge-watch a series that took years to make in one night.

Let’s be honest: a lot of time and effort is put into most series. Don’t claim to be a super fan if you haven’t taken the time to digest a person’s work and, instead, rushed through it for no reason. You’re like that comment that says “First” on Youtube: silly.

Not every program deserves an in-depth politico-cinemato analysis.

There’s art for the sake of art, the same way you have TV series written just for people to enjoy. Not every plot has to be dissected and put under the microscope, sometimes there’s no underlying meaning than the interpretation the producer is making you draw. You’re not Spielberg and nor are we, so chill.

Don’t spoil people online, especially on Twitter.

No comment and you’re just an instant block.

No, not every actor deserves an Oscar.

You can be a fan of someone without having to over-laud them. Just enjoy your show. Sorry (not sorry), but your Hulu favourite is not always Oscar material. Doesn’t have to take away from the series’ quality but relax man, not everyone is DiCaprio and that’s calm.

Same goes for some series.


Not every series has to blow your mind. A good watch doesn’t always have to be up to Spike Lee’s level and that’s fine. We all love watching a random cheesy sitcom every now and again, so don’t shy from it, embrace it.

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