vegan restaurants dubai spots

Dubai’s Hottest Vegan Spots

The best healthy restaurants – even if you’re not vegan

vegan restaurants dubai spots

Veganism is nothing new –last year was declared ‘the year of the vegan’ and in 2017, more and more brands, restaurants and cafes are making the move to becoming fully vegan-friendly.


In Dubai, up until recently, options for vegans were pretty limited, but today as the need for health food is expanding – so are the restaurants.


Whether you’re looking for a matcha bowl or raw vegan cheesecake – we’ve got you covered.


Wild and The Moon
Wild and the Moon has outposts in New York, Paris and now Dubai. Known for both their healthy produce but also for their promotion of ethical trade, Wild and the Moon collaborates with local farmers to get the best quality plants and produce.


If you’re looking for a healthy snack, quick bite or a smoothie then this is the spot for you. Try the matcha bowl with a spirulina booster for a morning boost.


This is not just a restaurant or a coffee shop but a whole wellbeing centre that encompasses health in several dimensions – not just diet-wise but also psychologically.


Life’n’One café is another gem in Dubai that offers gluten-free, sugar-free food with a wide variety of vegan options. Be sure to order the acai bowl served in a fresh coconut.


Comptoir 102

Comptoir 102 is a healthy restaurant with a big variety of vegan options with super cute interiors and a ton of sofas where you can get cosy, do some work on your laptop and grab a quick healthy snack. Grab a couch and order the chia seed pudding – it’s divine.



At Govinda’s they bake their food instead of frying it – so basically everything on the menu is totally guilt-free. They also have a huge section on the menu dedicated to dishes made with absolutely no oil. The food comes in big hearty portions so we recommend ordering a few dishes for the table and sharing with a group. Definitely don’t leave without trying the quinoa biryani.


Super Natural Kitchen
Super Natural Kitchen is a vegan bistro at the Galeries Lafayette Gourmet section. The menu is comprised of delicious snacks made entirely out of raw vegan ingredients. It’s the perfect pit stop after a shopping marathon. Get a sugar boost from the mesmerizing raw vegan carrot cake – you won’t regret it.

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