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Egyptian Producer Lil Baba Presents His Soft Side In New EP ‘Leila’

Featuring Abyusif and Abo El Anwar

Just a few years ago, the region saw an undisputed shift in its identity when it came to its rap scene. There was a shift from a sound largely influenced by the west, to something that expressed the region’s identity and many faces. Egypt, in particular, had a burgeoning taste for experimentation coupled with a desire for something that accurately reflected the youth. This re-ignited its hip-hop scene, which owes a fraction of its splendor to Lil Baba, one of the country’s most recognizable producers, who combined the frenzy nature of shaabi music with technical rhymes and aggressively calculated beats. 

As one of Cairo’s most renowned hip-hop producers, he has worked on countless of hits with Egypt’s ‘Mexic’ Crew, which includes some of the scene’s heavyweights, Abyusif, Abo El Anwar, Ahmed Santa, and Santo.

With an easily identifiable style, Lil Baba refuses to stay in any comfort zones, and continues to deliver unconventional fusions. Now, the crowned producer has stepped into an even bigger spotlight with his latest EP ‘Leila’ released just a few days ago. Debuting himself as producer-turned-rapper-and-singer, Lil Baba shows the scene a new and unexpected face that doesn’t involve any rap, as he clearly stated in his track Mesh Khalas , وانا كنت مخبي الوش التاني (I was hiding my other face/side). Debuting his vocals for the first time, he showcases a softer  side— presenting himself in a new light altogether.  


It’s clear that there was someone on his mind during the making of the EP. The musical project consists of seven tracks that take a melodic approach with a variety of nuanced dance-like beats. Teer, for example, begins with an emotive guitar riff adorned with an afro sound. The EP also features tracks with Lil Baba’s longtime collaborators with Abyusif’s distinctively deep voice in Leh Nehzar, and Khalas featuring Brrr Brrr Brrr rapper Abo El Anwar. Even though it’s emotive, it’s the kind of emotive you still dance to as you contemplate the one that got away. Lil Baba definitely presented a body of work that I’m sure many are going to relate to. Yet again, proving to the scene that he is a man of range, and full of surprises.    

Listen to the album in full below:



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