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Quarantine is No Excuse to Stop Being a Filmmaker

This Emirati director gives the lowdown on how to keep going

If you’re a filmmaker living through these unprecedented times, your projects have probably come to a halt amid the coronavirus pandemic. But that doesn’t mean your work has to come to an end. 

The UAE’s biggest media hub, Dubai Studio City, has brought in the region’s leading industry figures to help. To kick things off, Emirati filmmaker Nahla Al Fahad has shared her insights into how to keep creating under our current circumstances. 

We all know the idea of constant productivity can be pretty damaging and lead to avoidable burnouts (Hi Virgil Abloh), but the Emirati director stipulates that there are still ways to capitalise on this exceptional situation that has left filmmakers all over the world stuck at home

According to her, the lockdown is a great opportunity for filmmakers, producers and content creators to develop their skills. If you’re wondering how, these are Al Fahad’s tips.

Observe and study existing films and successful drama constantly, and identify the filming process, the lighting and cameras used. She also advised the audience to check content that highlights the “making of” of these films.

Reading is important for any individual. It broadens the creative horizon, enriches knowledge and adds a new dimension to anyone’s work.

Writing is also important. One does not need to be an expert at it. Putting thoughts down on paper allow all creatives working in the filmmaking industry and not just scriptwriters to visualise their work and asses it ahead of embarking on the task.

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