Home Alone

7 Things You Can Do at Home While Social Distancing

You could literally visit the Guggenheim

Home Alone

Across the globe, there’s never been a more important time to take precautions. With the rapid spread of coronavirus, we all have to practice social distancing, and if possible, go into voluntary quarantine at home

You’re probably spending more time at home than usual, but that doesn’t mean that boredom is inevitable. On the contrary, there’s plenty for all of us to get into—and they’re all things we would have otherwise been way too busy to do. 

Talk to friends and relatives you haven’t spoken to in a while
Whether it was because of work or other daily activities, most of us have probably neglected a few people in our lives. Now is a good opportunity to catch up with them.

Sharpen up your culinary skills
Rather than overwhelming yourself with countless recipes on the internet, it’s much easier to find super simple recipes from these chefs on Instagram.

Start a book club
It doesn’t have to be anything formal. No, you don’t all have to read the same book, and deadlines don’t have be part of it either. No one needs that added pressure. Create a WhatsApp group with a few friends and chat about what each of you have learned from your respective books

Just because the gym is closed, doesn’t mean you have to give up your workouts. The internet is home to a plethora of free workout videos—and if you’re feeling lonely, get your friends to join in via video chat. Or you can listen to this playlist

Organise your home
Spring is almost here, and it’s never a bad idea to clean up. Start with one area in your home and work your way towards organising every room.

Take a virtual museum tour
No, you don’t have to give up getting your culture fix either. Many museums can be toured from the comfort of your own home. You’ll find them all on Google Arts & Culture

Organise your photos
Your phone is probably littered with thousands of photos: some you cherish and some you don’t need (like the 50 videos you took at the last concert you went to). Now is your chance to finally free up some space on your phone.

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