Google and Amazon Workers Say No to Israel’s Project Nimbus

Another example of boycott, eventual divestment and hopeful sanctions

In an anonymous letter published through the daily British newspaper The Guardian, Google and Amazon employees have expressed their discontent and condemnation of the commencement of Project Nimbus.  

Initially intended to provide the Israeli government with a technological service that will seek to transfer the country’s digital infrastructures onto cloud-based servers while allowing “further surveillance and unlawful data collection on Palestinians” to take place, workers from both companies in charge of this shift have spoken out against this move in light of the Jewsih state’s involvement in continuous human rights violations. 

“Continuing this pattern, our employers signed a contract called Project Nimbus to sell dangerous technology to the Israeli military and government. This contract was signed the same week that the Israeli military attacked Palestinians in the Gaza Strip – killing nearly 250 people, including more than 60 children. 

The technology our companies have contracted to build will make the systematic discrimination and displacement carried out by the Israeli military and government even crueler and deadlier for Palestinians” the group said in their open letter

This move is quite unprecedented, and it mirrors the heavy impact social media has had in the last few months regarding the issue as a whole. More aware and informed as to what exactly is going on in the Palestinian territories, the international community seems to be more inclined to take firm stances against the unlawful actions of the Knesset and the global Zionist movement although the people involved in the document remained unnamed in fear of any potential retaliation. 

Whether the denunciation will be heard and taken into account, this initiative can surely be labelled as historic and groundbreaking as we only expect more of these movements to spark and take form in order to put a once and for all end to the seemingly never-ending suffering of the people of Palestine.

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