photo by Ismail Zaidy

Hassan Hajjaj is Putting the Spotlight On Young Moroccan Artists

Ismail Zaidy is one of Morocco’s rising stars

photo by Ismail Zaidy

Hassan Hajjaj is no stranger to putting on Marrakech. And now he’s taking things to the next level. The British-Moroccan artist—who recently shot Billie Eilish for the cover of Vogue—is putting the spotlight on Morocco’s young artists in a new exhibition. 

Known for his thought-provoking use of everyday objects and his appropriation of Moroccan brand logos, Hajjaj is paving the way for local artists to hone in on their signature styles. Due to be held at his atelier-turned-gallery, Riad Yima, the exhibition, entitled 3aila, or ‘family’ in English, will feature the work of Ismail Zaidy, also known as L4rtiste

The exhibition is Zaidy’s first, and will feature his photographic work. Zaidy is amongst a new generation of young photographers sprouting out of Marrakech. The young artist, whose pastel-drenched photography has been taking over our Instagram feeds over the last few months, has put his focus on young Moroccans, often photographing them in natural landscapes with Moroccan cultural elements (like traditional straw hats or flower-printed veils) front and centre.

“It was 2010 when I realised I wanted to do something artistic” Zaidy told MILLE last November. “I attended a few artistic events and forums and it created this power and inspiration inside me that forced me to create things,” he said, explaining how he got into photography.

The young artist also expressed gratitude for his mother’s support in his creative journey, and now, he can also count a Hassan Hajjaj co-sign under his belt. 

3aila, February 22 – June 1, 2020, Riad Yima, Marrakech

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