Loro Piana Drops its First Collab with Streetwear Legend Hiroshi Fujiwara

A cross-continental blend we stan.


Japanese musician, producer and maverick designer Hiroshi Fujiwara appears to be at the peak of his powers. The revered fashion icon has just teamed up with luxury label Loro Piana for a hotly anticipated collection of new minimalist pieces. After Supreme, Stussy and Nike, Tokyo’s multidisciplinary artist has blessed the Italian house with its first-ever collaboration through a new line of genderless garments that are all forged with Fujiwara’s unmistakeable claw. 

‘The two universes have more in common than expected. Fujiwara reinterpets and reimagines our products, street style evolves and becomes more sophisticated, combining Loro Piana’s excellences and Hiroshi’s creative mind.’ said Loro Piana’s CEO, Fabio d’Angelantonio. 

Steering the sumptuously lush brand into his signature realm, Hiroshi Fujiwara establishes a uniquely elegant and warm dynamic between himself and the Quarona-based Maison that is giving Loro Piana an edgy twist no one knew the label needed. 


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Comprising ten monochrome fits, garments and accessories all drawn from Fujiwara’s overly creative mind while still under Loro Piana’s patronage, the synergetic collection is inspired to make Italian craftsmanship and Japanese heritage meet in textile form. From hoodies to spell-out hats and wool dresses, the collection clearly does stray away from what we are used to being served by the distinctive mark but also reveals its will to probe new styles and silhouettes while experimenting more contemporary understandings of style and taste. 

Reaching out to a segment of fashion enthusiasts that they had never addressed before, the exploratory capsule collection has already sparked some fiery comments regarding the line-crossing aspect of the collection. Available to shop in Loro Piana boutiques and through the website from October 13, we cannot wait to hear your thoughts on these new pieces. 

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