Meet the Middle Eastern Trailblazers Taking Over London

Inside Selfridges's latest campaign

Halima Aden made waves just a few years ago as the first hijabi model to walk during New York Fashion Week. Today she’s taken over the world, making her way to London to star alongside some of the region’s biggest talents in Selfridge’s latest campaign.

To celebrate regional creatives and their success, the retail giant brought together the model with star comedian Warchieff (whose real name is Abu-Hamdan), photographer Chndy, journalist Aws Al-Jezairy, and musician Fatima Al Qadiri.

Warchieff, known for his starring roles in Saudi Arabia’s Telfaz11 series and his hilarious Instagram posts to his astounding 3.9 million followers is seen alongside friend and fellow creative Chndy as he opens up about his inspirations.

“Inspiration strikes when he can take time for himself and chill with friends – the light-hearted relief that this brings translates into his work online. I like to laugh at stupid things,” he says in a statement. “Humour, to me, is a natural situation. In Saudi, you have to build your own man cave – there are a lot of inside jokes,” he adds.

As for Halima Aden, who joined UNICEF as an ambassador, representation is a clear motivation. “Every little girl should have somebody that she can relate to,” she in a statement.

Behind the lens is Ali Chaaban, the artist known for his particular take on pop-culture, took a different route, this time designing the set.



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