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Morocco Urgently Needs Our Support, Here’s How You Can Help


On Sep. 8, Morocco unfortunately experienced one of the worst disasters in its history, as its southern provinces were struck by a devastating earthquake responsible for the death of over 2,500 lives— a number that is only rising as we write. 

According to experts, the quake was the most intense and damaging the Kingdom has been hit by in over a century, with magnitude levels reaching up to 6.8 on the Richter scale. To put that number into perspective, the US Geological Survey claims that only nine quakes with a magnitude of five or higher have taken place in the region since 1900, but none of them have had a magnitude ever go past six. 

With the epicenter located near tourist hub Marrakech, its impact was still tangibly felt in surrounding regions in the country, causing damage and casualties all the way up to Casablanca; Morocco’s economic capital. Having occurred in some of the nation’s most rural, isolated, and difficult-to-access areas,  some remote villages are yet to have been provided with relevant assistance, appropriate help, or sufficient aid to keep heads above water or to survive. According to first-hand accounts from locals, some towns have collapsed almost entirely with hundreds of civilians having to resort to sleeping rough as they are faced with no other viable option.

What’s more, scientists have also warned nationals that there would be a high risk of aftershocks hitting in the days following the initial catastrophe; which did eventually occur on Sunday— less than 48 hours after the first tremor— measuring 3.9 on the Richter scale and only adding more salt than there is to the already deep wound, panicking people even further, and depreciating the situation from any hope a few still somehow had. 

As crucial seconds, minutes, and hours go by, the urgency of the situation grows; and with the scarce amount of resources on-site being difficult to reach for a substantial amount of victims, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of artists, brands, organizations, and charities that have stepped up and are currently taking donations to help with earthquake relief in Morocco.

Artists For Morocco



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The new collective was launched after Morocco was hit by the catastrophic earthquake in a bid to raise funds for those who need aid. Featuring 24 established and emerging Moroccan artists, Artists For Morocco has launched a print sale with all proceeds going to to local humanitarian foundation, Rif Tribes, that is working on-ground to deliver life-saving packages to those in need.

Ilyes Gryieb 



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Photographer Ilyes Gryieb is selling four of his prints from Sep. 11 to 17, with all proceeds being donated to Rif Tribes. “After the unfathomably sad and scary events that happened in the region of Marrakech during the night of Friday to Saturday, in solidarity with my people from Morocco I decided to sell four different of my prints,” the photographer wrote on Instagram.

Suez Studio


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100% of all the profits made from Suez Studio’s Morocco Fundraiser Tee will be donated to the British Cross Morocco Emergency Fund.



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The Paris-based ready-to-wear brand has pledged to provide monetary aid to local non-profit organizations Rif Tribes and the Moroccan Biodiversity & Livelihoods Association, which are both providing on-ground support to those affected by the crisis.

Boiler Room



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Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Morocco,” wrote the organization, which released a Boiler Room Marrakesh t-shirt to support the families affected. 100% of the profits will be donated to Human Appeal’s Morocco Emergency Fund.

Psychologues Maghreb 


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Non-profit Psychologues Maghreb is providing complimentary therapy to provide comfort, relief, and a path toward recovery for those in desperate need The counseling is offered in English, Darija, Tamazight, and French. 

Rif Tribes



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The non-profit organization has launched an emergency appeal fundraiser for earthquake relief efforts. The foundation is dedicated its efforts to support the affected rural communities in the High Atlas Mountains.

Amal Women’s Training Center

The women-led organization is providing food and critical assistance to those in the impacted area. Those who wish to contribute financially can donate to the non-profit’s earthquake relief fundraiser. 

Banque Alimentaire


Charity organization Banque Alimentaire is taking donations to support earthquake victims during this difficult crisis.  

Global Diversity


The Global Diversity Foundation, in partnership with The Moroccan Biodiversity and Livelihoods Association, is mobilizing their efforts to provide emergency relief and other lifesaving supplies to some of the most difficult-to-reach villages impacted by the earthquake.

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