Norway Bans Israeli Products in Support of Palestine

The BDS movement keeps pushing hard


Not one, but six municipalities in Norway have banned Israeli settlement goods and services. Norway’s capital, Oslo, is the latest to join the movement. The city has put a ban on all products that originate from Israeli settlements. 

“The Palestinian people, who have to deal with the illegal occupation of their territory every single day, deserve international attention and support,” said Sunniva Eidsvoll, the leader of Oslo’s Socialist Left Party. 

The move comes as no surprise, the Socialist Left Party of Norway has been a long-time supporter of the BDS movement. The party joined Oslo’s City Council in recent elections, making Sunniva Eidsvoll its leader. 

“It is a shared global responsibility to help ensure that human rights and international law are not violated. I am proud that the Oslo City Council is now taking steps to prevent goods and services purchased by the city from supporting an illegal occupation of Palestine or other territories,” she said in an official statement. 

The newly adopted ruling imposes a ban on “goods and services produced on territory occupied in violation of international law by companies operating under the permission of the occupying power.”

The ban is in accordance with a newly adopted platform by Oslo’s city council, which is partly based on the 2016 UNSC resolution 2334, which declared that Israeli settlements have no legal validity.

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