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Introducing The ‘Tweakment’ Aesthetic Procedures on the go

No scars and no downtime

Over the last few years, the demand for non-surgical plastic surgery for the face has seen unprecedented growth. Namely because of a surge in the development of non-invasive aesthetic treatments that promise to make the changes you want to see, without the need to go under the knife.

The new breed of treatments takes no longer to administer than the time it takes to eat your lunch. Meaning patients can hot-foot it back to work straight afterwards with minimum tell-tale signs.

Between treatment and tweaks, Mille gives an overview of the most common “Tweakments” and how they work.

The Non-Surgical Nose Job
Long gone are the days where you needed a fortnight off work to get a nose job. Now, you can have a more symmetrical nose without even a scalpel or scar in sight. A combination of both Botoxand hyaluronic acid filler can help correct a crooked or misshapen nose and can do wonders for your profile.

This treatment may even be able to help correct small defects resulting from a traditional rhinoplasty surgery. A brilliant pre-cursor to actually going under the knife, this treatment can help potential patients see how changing their nose can enhance their facial symmetry and appearance or allow them to change their minds before the big plunge.

Dr. Marwa Ali, resident Aesthetic doctor at the PHI Clinic at newly opened The Wellness Clinic at Harrods explains; “One of my most common procedures is the non-surgical rhinoplasty or ‘medical nose job.’ I use strategically placed hyaluronic acid fillers to address the main areas of concern. I can lift the tip of the nose, straighten a crooked bridge and narrow the nose. The effects of a medical rhinoplasty can last for up to two years.”

The Thread Lift Face-Lift
After witnessing the Silhouette Soft Thread lift face-lift just last week, performed by Parisian surgeon Dr. Bernard Hayot, at his Epilium & Skin London clinic, I was amazed at what can be achieved with literally just a needle and thread. After tunnelling a barbed thread through the skin to lift what can only be described as a sagging face. Once pulled taut, everything was instantly firmer. Voila! That’s how you cut 10 years off your age in a matter of seconds

“The Silhouette Soft Thread lift is a non-invasive procedure that works well to tighten the cheeks, the jowls and the neck.” Says Dr. Bernard Hayot, “This is not like a traditional facelift as no skin is cut, we use threads that then dissolve after 18 months. Results can last for two years.”

Hyaluronic Acid For Dark Circles
Iranian-American Eye Surgeon, Dr. Maryam Zamani of The Cadogan Clinic in London and founder of luxe skincare brand MZ Skin confided that with modern aesthetics, it’s all about small tweaks rather than serious invasive procedures: “I really believe in the philosophy that less is more when it comes to beauty. We should strive to have small tweaks rather than drastic changes which helps get subtle results -without looking ‘done’. With some ethnicities more prone to having dark circles, this is a common concern for the Middle Eastern woman.”

Fillers for Fuller Lips
One of the most common procedures when it comes to aesthetic beauty is lip fillers. Although one of the most frequent treatments, this is arguably one of the most difficult to get right. We have all witnessed the dangers of over-filled lips where the result is a blindingly obvious pair of pillow lips that propel the face into cartoon-like proportions. Dr. Maryam Zamani recognizes that the delicate lip area needs a light-handed approach;

“When lip filler is done well, it should look harmonious and natural. Many people have lip filler and you would never even notice.” During her consultations, Dr. Zamani discusses the aims of each patient, whether they want to increase the volume, improve the overall shape, correct a downward facing smile or any asymmetry. “Hyaluronic acid filler can be injected anywhere in the lip. I tend to be light handed on the vermilion border to avoid that ducky appearance which is a tell-tale sign that you have had filler. Small amounts, cleverly placed, creates and more hydrated, fuller and symmetrical pair of lips.”

Chin Shaping
Dr. Stefanie Williams of the Eudelo Clinic is a walking testament to her own beauty philosophy, and is publishing her new anti-ageing book Look Great, Not Done! next month. She openly admits to having tried (and benefitted) from some facial contouring including chin shaping.“ Looking better or more attractive doesn’t necessarily mean looking younger,” she confides, “This is truly exciting times – for the very first time we can now make people look more attractive, as they get older.”

Chin shaping—which usually involves artfully placing hyaluronic acid filler—can instantly improve the appearance. Think about it. We equate a square chin to a masculine appearance while a heart-shaped chin equates to a feminine one. Softening the chin or correcting a recessed or asymmetrical chin can make the world of difference to balance out the facial features, not to mention drastically improve the profile. “Chin contouring is in my opinion a hugely underrated treatment that can benefit both men and women…” Dr. Williams says, “Injecting a contouring HA gel into the chin area redefines the lower facial contours and greatly balances the features.”

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