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Saint Levant, Lolo Zouaï, and Michaël Brun Team Up For a Steamy Single

Introducing “Sak Pase”

Saint Levant is back with another two-minute steamy number. The trilingual Los Angeles-based singer teamed up with Haitian-born producer and artist Michaël Brun as well as French-Algerian artist and producer Lolo Zouaï for a catchy new single titled Sak Pase, which might just be the song of the summer.

“Sak Pase,” which translates to “what’s going on/what’s happening” in Haitian Creole starts off with TikTok’s favorite singer seamlessly switching between Arabic and French before he continues to serenade his listeners in English with his go-to sultry narrative. A soothing acoustic guitar makes an appearance at just the right time to accompany the beat elevated by Lolo Zouaï’s ethereal melodies and English/French lyrical fusion. The mutli-cultural track was said to be brought together through a set of iPhone voice notes that eventually led up to an amalgamation of Caribbean and Arabic sounds. 


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It’s needless to say that Saint Levant has created a loyal fanbase based off of his cleverly-curated music matched with an undeniable skill-set for content creation. From his previous release Nails to his COLOURXSTUDIOS performance, there is no denying the trilingual artist is making moves. 

On the other hand, Lolo Zouaï is certainly full of surprises. Consistently experimenting, the California-based artist is dynamic in her presentation when it comes to both her image and sound. 

Meanwhile, Brun is known for dropping tracks that are bound to get you moving one way or the other. Case in point: his latest afro-beat creation Clueless featuring Nigerian artist Oxlade. In addition to Saint Levant and Lolo Zouai, Brun has previously collaborated with Ed Sheeran and Mr Eazi. His single Positivo featuring Colombian reggaeton artist J Balvin was also used as the theme song for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Known for his dedication to uplifting his Haitian roots, the producer uses his craft as a tool for cultural exploration, as he did with Sak Pase


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