Hayat Osamah

This is What Self-Isolating Looks Like in Saudi Arabia

Photographer Hayat Osama shows us her life in lockdown

Hayat Osamah

Now 27-years old, Riyadh-based photographer Hayat Osama is the quintessential Saudi artist: free-spirited and bold. Since going under lockdown in early March, the fashion photographer and director hasn’t stalled her eccentric spirit – she’s showing us how it’s done. 

With most exhibitions and productions having been cancelled due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 (Saudi Arabia now counts almost 40,000 cases), Osama turned her eyes to fashion as a form of escapism, by deciding to move from behind the lens to in front of it, showcasing some of her favourite things to wear during lockdown. 

To make it happen, Osama partnered up with e-commerce giant, Farfetch to produce a short film. From what she eats to practicing her DJing skills, the young photographer showcases her daily routine, breaking it down to its most minute details. 

“I love capturing freedom, and I am particularly inspired by the spirit of the youth and how they express themselves, in such a real and carefree manner,” the photographer told us in an interview in 2018. In this latest venture, she captures herself expressing exactly that, all whilst wearing vintage pieces from some of her favourite designers including Commes Des Garçons, Issey Miyake and Helmut Lang.

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