view over Slovenian lake

These Are 2020’s Best Tourist-Free Holiday Destinations

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view over Slovenian lake

Looking for the best holiday destinations that still feel low-key? We’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re into travelling solo, looking for adventure, sustainable getaways or art-filled city breaks – it’s time to ditch tourist traps and crowded beaches, and swap them for these lesser-known gems. 

These are five of the best tourist-free holiday destinations for 2020.


glaciers and waterfall in IcelandIf you’re looking for something that looks and feels surreal, Iceland is the answer. With gigantic glaciers, towering mountains, mind-blowing waterfalls, lava caves and volcanic lakes, Iceland is like nowhere else on Earth. But make sure you avoid the crowds, plan a road trip and skip the Golden Circle. Having just rebranded its Arctic Coast Way this summer; so now there’s no better time to visit the lesser-seen sides of Iceland.


Lake view in SloveniaHave you ever dreamt of spending your holidays in a Games of Thrown-esque destination? Head to Slovenia. It’s more affordable than Italy, and more remote than Croatia. Ditch Slovenia’s over-crowded neighbours and explore the tiny Eastern European country instead. Home to some of the most out-of-this-world natural landscapes, Slovenia is great for hiking, biking, rafting and horseback riding. The Lake Bled, Skocjan caves (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and the Predjma castle are just a few of the country’s unmissable destinations.

The Scottish Highlands

The scottish highlandsIf you’re an intrepid traveller looking for a place to switch off, while taking a look at some of the wildest landscapes, you should definitely consider the Scottish Highlands. Fishing villages, medieval castles, secret beaches and mouth-watering seafood—the Highlands are incredibly special.

Kyoto, Japan

view over the city of Kyoto in JapanLooking for a quieter alternative to Tokyo? Simply head to Kyoto—Japan’s old imperial capital. Whether you visit its landmark shrines, indulge in a teahouse, walk around a bamboo grove or go for a picnic by the river, Kyoto is all about discovering chilled-out corners and taking it easy.

Porto, Portugal

clorful buildings in Porto, PortugalIn 2020, it’ time to go beyond Lisbon and discover Porto, one of Europe’s coolest cities. Affordable and fun, the Portuguese city has it all, particularly if you’re into arts and culture. With new shops opening regularly, and an up-and-coming food scene as well as cool cafés and an in-flux art scene, Porto is the ultimate go-to.

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