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These Brands Are Giving Back in a Big Way to Help Turkey and Syria

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Following the deadly earthquakes that ripped through parts of Turkey and Syria on Feb. 6, killing and injuring thousands, a number of fashion labels took to social media to share words of support. But, due to international sanctions against Syria, which make it virtually impossible for aid to reach the victims, many  are yet to announce promised financial support to the crisis and those affected, however, some designers and brands are responding to calls for action, either by committing to large donations or by giving the proceeds of their sales to organizations offering support in Turkey and Syria like AHBAP and AKUT.


Moroccan-French designer Charaf Tajer, who dedicated his most recent Casablanca collection to Syria, has pledged to donate all online sales to the UNHCR, who are offering support to victims on the ground in Syria.

Les Benjamins

“At Les Benjamins, we are deeply saddened by two heavy magnitude earthquakes that took place in Kahramanmaraş and affected Hatay, Adana, Osmaniye, Diyarbakır, Adıyaman, Malatya and Şanlıurfa,” wrote the brand’s founder Bunyamin Aydin on Instagram, revealing that they will be donating products from their Istanbul warehouse to the disaster areas through Kızılay.

The Giving Movement

Turkey and Syria are in the midst of a freezing winter, so the victims are in need of warm clothes. Dubai-based brand The Giving Movement is sending 8,000 pieces of clothing, including winter essentials such as hoodies, sweaters, jumpers, and windbreakers, to the affected areas for immediate relief efforts.



The fast fashion retailer will be donating $121,000 to disaster relief effort. In addition, Boohoo said it had organized three sample sales with all the proceeds also going towards helping the victims.


The Moroccan-German designer behind the Berlin-based streetwear brand revealed on Instagram that he is sending out boxes of clothing to the victims of the earthquakes, who lost everything along with their homes.


This local startup clothing brand’s business model is built on selling limited, seasonal collections and donating 10% of the revenue to charitable cases presented by Red Crescent. In line with the devastating earthquakes that hit Syria and Turkey, the brand has decided to donate 10% of its sales to those affected by the crisis in the region instead.

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