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TikTok is Getting Its First Reality TV Show

*cancels all plans*

Since its launch almost two years ago, TikTok has transformed from a teen choreography app into a force so powerful that it singlehandedly took down Trump’s Tulsa rally, Egypt has imprisoned women for using it, and the US is trying to ban it altogether – such is the power of Gen Z.

During lockdown, the app became flooded with displaced millennials and even Gen X’ers who were tired of the monotony of Instagram, and were in search of something more real and less posed. To date, the app now counts 800 million monthly active users.

With more time on our hands and a hunger for escapism, TikTok has become the perfect antidote to the current crises happening throughout the world. And now they’re about to step it up even further.

In a recent announcement on Deadline, a new reality TV show was declared: The Hype Life – the first reality show centred around TikTok’s biggest stars, Hype House. The collective includes the apps biggest creators, whose following reach a staggering 150 million. Interested in who will be in the show? Look no further. The series will follow the day-to-day lives of TikTok’s most viral stars including Kouvr Annon, Nick Austin, Mia Hayward, Angel Herrera, Ondreaz Lopez, Tony Lopez, Madi Monroe, Ryland Storms, Alex Warren, Jack Wright, James Wright and Nate Wyatt.

Although this is the first reality TV show to be centred on TikTok stars, it certainly won’t be the last. Charli D’Amelio – TikTok’s biggest creator with over 75 million followers – is also in talks with Industrial Media (who are behind shows like 90 Day Fiancé and American Idol) about her own series.

The date is yet to be announced but we will keep you posted on any developments.

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