Treehouses Are Officially This Year’s Summer Houses

Bring out your inner child


You might think you’re too old to run away to a treehouse when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. But the reality is, no matter how old you are, there’s something inherently magical about retreating to your makeshift home tucked away between leaves and branches. 

As it turns out, isolation is a top priority for many of us. Whilst flashy beach-side villas, Moroccan riads or fancy French castle are what you’d assume to be Airbnb’s most popular listings, the truth is, not one, but two treehouses made it to the hospitality giant’s top ten rentals last year.

Lucky for us, treehouse listings are endless, so even the oldest of us can revisit the childlike sensation of safety and seclusion by bunking up in a secluded wooden structure—we’ve rounded up Airbnb’s best properties for summer 2019. 

Secluded Intown Treehouse

secluded intown tree houseWith over 300,00 site visits a day, this Atlanta treehouse is one of Airbnb’s most popular. The property topped the hospitality giant’s most popular list in 2017 and is comprised of three-suite treehouses tucked away in an Atlanta forest. 

$375 per night

Willow Treehouse

willow treehouseUpstate New York isn’t everyone’s ideal holiday destination, but this secluded treehouse (with giant windows) might convince you otherwise.

$350 per night

Broken Head Bodhi Treehouse

Broken Head Bodhi TreehouseA treehouse with ocean views? Yes please. This three-storey Australian treehouse sits on 17 acres of subtropical rainforest in the nation’s Byron region overlooking stunning waters. 

$100 per night

Dreamy Tropical Treehouse

Dreamy Tropical TreehouseImagine waking up in your own personal paradise in the midst of a Hawaiian jungle fifteen feet atop a tree? With a stay at this treehouse, your childhood dreams can all be made a reality.  

$300 per night

Chiang Mai Treehouse

Chiang-Mai-TreehouseSee a different side of Thailand and get away from tourist traps with a visit to the small village of Chiang Mai in the midst of Teakwood forest. Your time is probably better spent reflecting in this stunning treehouse, or hiking to the nearby waterfalls. 

$83 per night

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