Spend a Night in a Turkish Cave Turned Boutique Hotel

The luxury hideaway literally carved out of a mountain


Booking a room at your favourite hotel chain (whether that’s the Dorchester group or the Four Seasons) is definitely the easy way to go when it comes to travelling, but finding a property with the right ratio of instagrammability and comfort is no easy feat.

Thankfully the travel industry has taken our social media obsession into consideration, and a new wave of ultra-instagrammable hotels have risen up the ranks in recent years—and they’re entire experiences of their own. Case in point: Cappadocia’s Yunak Evleri, a boutique hotel that’s literally carved into a mountain cliff.

Yunak Evleri Turkish Cave Hotel

At first glance, the Yunak Evleri will capture your attention with its maze-like structure, with 39 caves for rooms that seamlessly blend into the natural mountain landscape. And if you’re wondering how to move from one to the next, they’re linked by a labyrinth of passageways and carved stone steps.

Sitting on top of the village of Urgup, just a short walk away from the centre of town, the boutique hotel’s rooms date back to the 5th century, each with a distinct style ranging from antique Ottoman furniture and carpets to Anatolian kilims.

You’ll find yourself dazing through the age-old cave and into your jacuzzi, reading your favourite book on your private patio while overlooking the stunning Cappadocia sunset, or taking a bath in its modernist all-marble bathrooms.

Yunak Evleri Turkish Cave HotelYunak.com

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