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A Turtle-Shaped Terayacht That Doubles as a Floating City Could Be Saudi’s Next Pharaonic Venture

With the potential of becoming the world’s biggest boat

A few months ago, officials in Saudi Arabia confirmed that a plan to build the world’s longest skyscraper city was in the works. As pharaonic as it might have sounded already, new claims have now surfaced suggesting that a man-made turtle-shaped structure could potentially see the light of day by 2040. 

Revealed by the Lazzarini Design Studio, a Rome-based company specializing in all things architecture, interactive technologies, and software, the breathtaking project, dubbed Pangeos Terayacht, could become the world’s largest floating boat if approved. According to the first blueprints, the construction is predicted to be about 550 meters long and around 600 meters wide, and is expected to host a slew of amenities ranging from private villas, lavish apartments, five-star hotels, jaw-dropping clubs, and parks. 

Able to house up to 60,000 guests at once at a speed of five knots, the vessel will sail around the world without emitting any gas emissions. Indeed, the ship of tomorrow will reportedly run on a virtually endless supply of renewable energy, with substantial amounts of power being drawn from a solar panel farm plastered over part of the boat’s roof.


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Taking its name from Pangea, the supercontinent that existed millions of years ago during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras, the daunting project could see the first layering of bricks starting from 2033 at the King Abdullah Port, and will take approximately eight years to complete if green-lit by the Gulf State’s authorities — and not just at any price. According to the rough estimates going around social media, Pangeos could roughly cost up to $8 billion, but given the promises put forward so far, it seems like the venture might be worth every single penny spent. 

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