Who is Haja El Hamdaouia— Today’s Google Doodle?



For over two decades, Google took the habit into granting its world-recognized logo with a temporary alteration, an ephemeral custom, that seeks to celebrate and commemorate special holidays, important events, impactful achievements, and notable historical figures on its homepage. Since the concept’s first appearance in 1998, what is now known as a “Google Doodle” went from signaling that the company’s staff was out of office, or on leave, to eventually developing the heart-warming animations we see almost daily go past the search engine’s website. 

Today, the American tech giant has brought the spotlight on late Moroccan singer Haja El Hamdaouia, honoring her life and highlighting her influence through an illustrated tribute displayed for Middle Eastern and North African users of the Internet search engine. 

Below, everything you need to know about the cultural icon turned into a Google Doodle. Meet Haja El Hamdaouia,

Who is she? 

El Hamdaouia is a Moroccan singer and songwriter who is known for performing Chaabi music, a mix of Moroccan urban and rural folk. 


Why is she famous?

In the early 1950s, she eventually became interested in El Aita al Marsaouiya, a kind of chaabi music that she is credited for blowing new life into, performing striking songs in which she covered a wide range of topics from everyday life to national freedom.

Up until the late 2000s, El Hamdaouia headlined festivals all around her native Morocco. For over 60 years, her voice pierced through society, and even after the end of her decades-long career, her impact continues to be felt strongly across the North African music scene.

Where was she born? 

She was born in Derb Sultan, a popular neighborhood in Casablanca. Many artists to this day still hail from that quarter of town, including Issam, who claimed his love for his ends in the very viral and catchy track Trap Beldi.

When was she born? 

She was born in 1930, however, her exact date of birth was never recorded and is to this day unknown. El Hamdaouia sadly passed away last year in April 2021. 


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