Jen Atkin haircut diy

5 Easy Haircuts You Can Give Yourself While in Isolation

With expert help, of course

Jen Atkin haircut diy

If you’re anything like me, you’ve fallen into a thousand YouTube rabbit holes by now. You also might have already come across the deep corner where the DIY haircut fails live.  

One of our favourite DIY genres is girls cutting their own bangs (which typically ends in tears). For the person giving themselves an at-home haircut, it can be dauntingly worrying how quickly a fun hair switch-up can turn into a long-term nightmare. The upside is, YouTube is also home to a plethora of credible hair dressers that are here to rescue us all from the temptation of ruining our locks while in Coronavirus quarantine. To save you the time of sifting through thousands of videos on YouTube, these are the best DIY at-home haircuts to give yourself during quarantine. 

Brad Mondo

Jen Atkin



Jen Atkin (Men)

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