Best Fall 2021 Hairstyles

Time for a makeover!


As temperatures are starting to decrease, and our calendars starting to fill up, time for you to freshen up your style. We’ve all been through tough times, and nothing says renewal more than a good old makeover.

From light tweaks to drastic change, enter the new season with a new hairstyle, it will help you set up your mood for the upcoming fall. Options are endless so make sure to pick something that fits your face shape, and have fun with it.

From natural curls to choppy haircuts, pick your pick and book the next available appointment. 

The Bob is Back!

In its short and long version this hairstyle is the chicest of them all. Opt for a long bob if you wish to still tie your hair. Shorter bobs are however more in trend this season. Sharp, plunging and chin length this hairstyle will allow you to elevate tailored outfits to fashion week status.

Disco Locks 


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Want to mix your curtain bangs up with a cool new hairstyle? We got you. Take that curler and go to town with it. To achieve this look, curl your hair away from your face and flip it for maximum volume. Think Farah Fawcett and 70s roller rinks. 

90s Hairstyles 


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From side hairclips to zigzag parts, the 90s are here to stay this fall. Pick up your favorite hair accessories and change your hairstyle according to your mood. Keep your hair natural and style it with some cool clips, use a comb to part your hair into a symmetrical zigzag. 

Choppy Cuts

Whether you have straight or curly hair, choppy haircuts are some of the most low-maintenance in the book. Keep your hair wild and natural and allow the uneven strands give you an effortless rock and roll look and a controlled mane. All you have to do is take care of your hair, keep it healthy by hydrating it, style it with your fingers, and you are ready to go.

Shag Hair

Another statement haircut that will define your style for fall. Focused on volume at the roots and a heavy fringe this modernized version of the 80s haircut is the trendiest this season. Bank on full bodied natural or straight hair, texture is key here so use styling products to fluff-up your roots and keep your fringe textured and wild. 

Caramel Highlights

For the ones who are not ready to go full copper (this season’s biggest hair trend) caramel highlights offer the right amount of warmth and playfulness to elevate your color. No matter what your hair type or complexion is, caramel highlights work for everyone and will bring light to your face. 

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