The One-Minute Mullet is Tiktok’s Biggest Hairstyle Trend

Is it worth trying?

Be it a recipe, wardrobe inspo or a genius life-hack, we find everything on Tiktok. Yes, some may not want to admit it, but the social media app effectively rules our lives. The latest viral trend we’re dying to try? A one-minute mullet. 

From Paul McCartney to Cheb Khaled, the hairstyle once defined an era. And it’s making a major comeback. It only makes sense, mullets transcend genders and subcultures, and what’s more 2021 than a completely fluid haircut? 

The mullet is undoubtebly this year’s go-to cut. Searches for ‘mullet cut’ increased by 50 percent this year on Pinterest alone. It doesn’t end there. 

As it turns out, we can all achieve the look in a single minute. If you’re into DIY, that is. Of course, going to a professional is always best. But if you’re still apprehensive about the outdoors and want to relieve some pandemic-anxiety—all it takes is a ponytail and a pair of (good) scissors—according to Tiktok. 

The one-minute mullet has recently gone viral on the app, and from the videos we’re seeing, the results aren’t too bad. Users who have chopped their locks seem to be pretty happy with the layered look. 

The method? Putting your hair in a high ponytail (and we mean really high on the head), and chopping up some of the tail off. If you’re lucky, the end result should leave you with multi-layers, something between a mullet and a shag. 

If we’re being honest though, it’s all a bit risky. But if Tiktok is of any indication, the hack might leave you with some pretty impressive results.

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