Bell Bottoms Are Back and Here to Stay

The 1970s are looking trendier than ever


If there’s one word that can infinitely be used to describe fashion, it would undoubtedly be ‘cyclical’. Just take the evolution of cycling shorts as example. Once a sportswear garment made famous by the likes of Princess Diana in the 90s, recent years saw it turn into a wardrobe staple. That’s not where fashion’s cyclical nature ends.  

This year, it’s bell-bottoms making their great comeback. Huge in the 1970s, flared pants disappeared from the radars, until now, of course.  

The past year has witnessed many celebrities from every pocket of the entertainment industry rock the wide-legged pant. But just like any other fashion trend, it’s not so much about what you wear but rather how you style it.

The point in common between Harry Styles and Anderson Paak at the last Grammy Awards ? An assorted blazer. It’s the ideal garment to blend with the flared trouser. 

If choosing whether to dress in style or comfortably has always been an issue, worry less as you can now finally say goodbye to skinny, tight, and limb suffocating trousers as even some of the most influential of fashion powerhouses have been jumping onto the trend. 

Designers including, but not limited to, Gabriela Hearst, Givenchy, Casablanca or even the mighty house of Gucci, have felt inspired by the large piece of textile using it as a canvas for further creative endeavours. Sometimes chic, other times grunge or even underground, we’ve gathered a few colourful pieces to gather inspiration for some funky fits to wear this summer. 

Casablanca Pale Blue Flared Terry Track Pants

Givenchy Braid Cropped Flared Trousers

Gucci Floral-Jacquard Logo Flared Trousers


Casablanca Ecru Flared Terry Trouser

Gabriela Hearst Vesta High-rise Suede Flared Pants

Cyuana Cotton Twill Flared Pants

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