British-Lebanese Skateboarder Blondey McCoy Drops Habibi Tee

The skater-turned-model-and-artist steps up for Lebanon


With news stations quietening down about the devastation left in the wake of the explosion in Beirut, numerous brands, creatives, artists, photographers and now skateboarders are stepping forward to keep the momentum and focus on the country, which is in dire need of international support. 

Since being signed to Kate Moss’ eponymous agency, British-Lebanese professional skateboarder Blondey McCoy has walked for Louis Vuitton, starred on the covers of i-D magazine, Arena Homme+, Another, as well as campaigns for Valentino, Louis Vuitton and Prada, as well as Palace skateboards (a brand he has been sponsored by since he was 15).

With a staggering 322,000 followers on Instagram, 22-year-old McCoy is no stranger to using his platform, and hype, for good causes – the latest being for his homeland, Lebanon. Having announced a £25,000 donation to the Lebanese Red Cross, for the Beirut relief fund, McCoy stated in an Instagram post: “Thames is donating £25,000 to the Lebanese Red Cross. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this devastating tragedy, who need and deserve the help that we are blessed to be in a position to give.”

In a follow up post, McCoy showed his grandmother wearing a pink t-shirt with the word “Habibi” emblazoned in red writing on the back, which dropped yesterday, and is sure to be an instant sell-out.

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