DJ Snake and Hublot Team Up to Drop a Very Limited Edition Watch

And it’s looking fresh

French-born Algerian musician DJ Snake has just teamed up with Swiss-watchmakers Hublot to design a very limited EDM-inspired timepiece many can only crave to include in their watch collection.

Last Thursday, both parties revealed their latest brainchild, The Big Bang DJ Snake, a kaleidoscopic device that serves as the first materialised collaboration between the two anchors of each of their respective fields since they joined forces for the first time in 2018.

Instantly recognisable through its unique colourful design, the piece, limited to only 100 few units, is dashed in blue and purple splashes that are very reminiscent of Snake’s very summery and festive aura. Supplied with two black and camo rubber straps that are easily interchangeable owing to Hublot’s patented One-Click system, the concept watch is one that honours one of the world’s most streamed artists in style.

“DJ Snake turns everything he touches to gold,” said Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe. “We are thrilled to have been able to channel his outstanding creativity into this new limited edition piece. The result is truly multifaceted, just like DJ Snake’s talents!”

Enough to make anyone envy the few that will be able to put their hands onto the precious chronograph, DJ Snake’s eclectic personality is one that only seems to naturally match Hublot’s international one and that we are looking forward to see more of in the near future. 

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